A Trip of A Reise

Started the week leading to my Learning Holiday... Across Europe Extremely Rough. I use each minute of my life balancing what I have named & declared Mental Warfare. I was diagnosed with a Astrocytoma Brain tumor on July 27, 2007 which on a positive note, lead me to walk away from the Game I loved to play to the Game of life I was created/raised to conquer. That's a whole separate story/documentary of life lessons.

Now to fast forward to the week leading into my trip to Germany and around Europe including (Frankfurt, Hamburg, Holland, Amsterdam, Denmark and Switzerland.) We will dive deeper into the reason for visiting each city, country side, Museum and Historical location later.

I began this past week focused on Friday the 13th. My trip outta America, pls don't get me confused. I Love my City and Country dearly, it has helped mold me and my Life's Purpose. Once you find your true purpose, in steps distraction. Stay Focused and remember it's bigger than you. You're on a mission...

Once I started packing which was once part of my daily professional athletic life. I was quickly reminded how much space the clothing and shoes of a 6'5 265 man utilizes. That transitioned in two over packed bags, into a fully loaded book bag, 2 over packed bags a carry on bag semi-loaded with a roll of heavily primed canvas, ready for the journey ahead.

Nothing on Friday the 13th went as planned, which caused enough frustration to cancel the entire trip. With the help of Medical Marijuana and a friend, I kept calm and focused... Started to see the Patterns in event designed to stunt my Growth/Purpose. Rolled with the punches, took the plans that didn't manifest like 2 uppercuts, stumbled a bit, and was mentally stung but kept my feet moving. Little did I know, that was only the first round. Thinking for some odd reason the TSA wouldn't give much of a fight, I couldn't prep like I wanted to for the next round. Seeing as I couldn't pre check-in, to arrange a seat that could accommodate my size and height, I was told that my seating would be in the emergency seat row with extra leg room. Once I made it to the seat, I was almost surprised to find a seat just the right size for my Grandmother. I reaffirmed my seat request, assigned seat & obvious size that I can't sit eleven hours in a seat I can not fit into. I was then told I could pay an extra 209 Euro to move up to first class. I then had a flash back of paying a extra $95.00  for my second bag, asked if there where any other options, seeing as I was suppose to be placed in a row with extra leg room.

Trust me... If you're not close to my height, you may never realize this world was tailored for your average size, all else God Bless. Not to be petty, I was granted a seat with more leg room, a seat that could not recline and faced a wall that gave no room to move my extremities, but on a positive note, my knees where no longer compressed into the row in front of me. Mid flight I began to re think that expensive up grade. That thought was replaced with thoughts of the transition to landing in Frankfurt to a connecting flight to Hamburg. As I exited the plane, blessed to move my legs, we were quickly loaded on to buses that transported us to the Terminal at Frankfurt Airport. I Admit I was a bit late double checking, but I notice I didn't have my wallet nor funds that the wallet housed. I questioned myself pushing my way to the front of the bus that was full to capacity. Thought of my Bags & size, I knew it would be to much of a struggle to push pass 30 some odd people to talk to a driver working. I figured I'll stay cool & don't stress. My wallet had to be in or around my seat. I used it to purchase a meal before leaving Baltimore, got on the plane with both meal and means to pay for it.

I am now watching a waiting for everyone to exit the bus. I began to get the drivers attention, as I approached, I explained the problem, he quickly tells me there is no legal way to re board the bus or the plane. My best bet would be to have there customer service to check in on this problem. I thanked him, entered the airport, feeling naked with out wallet, license and money.  Found the desk on the second floor of this Airport/Mall, only to be sent to another line/area, to finally be addressed, only to be told to check with the original customer service again, which would make the problem cause the circle they created to find them, took up more than an hour and placed me on the opposite side of where I was supposed to be.

I've been told that if I miss my flight, I would have to purchase a new ticket (...how without my wallet???)

So I took off to catch the plane, carrying 3 bags, a book bag and the canvas...

By the time I went through TSA I only had 30 min left. The officer decided to double check my bags because of a paint brush as well as body search me due to me choosing not to go through the modern body scanners.

Waiting for the bag to be searched took up a lot of time.

Now I'm standing in line to scan my ticket to get to the gate. While I was waiting, I realized that my boarding pass was missing.

Time is running down, the attendee at the desk told me to print a new pass at the kiosk and the I only need my passport to do that.

And of course the machine didn't work... I had to go back to the ticket station to get a new printout. The trouble continued when they told me they can't print a new ticket and that I will miss my flight.

To make a long story short: I missed the flight, was on standby for the next flight out to Hamburg (HH), sat in the corner relaxed my mind and thoughts while listening to Miles Davis.

As I saw a couple that I knew was on standby as well getting tickets printed, I turned down my head phones to see if my name would be called next...I hear my name called, and quickly walked over to get my ticket and tried to see if I could get a emergency seat row. I was told that it was a slim chance that I could accomodated due to it being a full flight. After negotiating with a passenger that turned out to be American. I finally got leg room for the last 600 kilometers of my Journey.

Ended up sitting next to a blogger from Vancouver (fromacabinupnorth.wordpress.com)

Small world this ended up being my first Blog & Entry. I am waiting to hear back from the airport. It just so happened to be a national holiday weekend. (Pfingsten)

I want to say a special thank you to all of those that support my Mateo's Travels gofundme fundraiser: Tamba Hali, Nancy Olin, Denise Gorski and all those who continue to support Mateo Blu Art!