Deeper Than Canvas

Been looking forward to this, since I was invited to attend. This go around not as Artist showcasing but an VIP Artist on a mission. This goes deeper than canvas. (#DeeperThanCanvas). I am headed to Art Basel in Switzerland.

I was asked if all I did was "paint fror a living, just me and canvas...."

The question came from a Art Collector that asked not to be mention, I laughed knowing they asked this question after seeing a large amount of work created, discussing a few future projects, while I edited a film project focusing on my ongoing battle/Mental Warfare with Epilepsy, as we continued the discussion. I replied... Todays Modern Artist must be diversified within their creativity and ability to self promote. I encourage all artist young & old to learn as much of the business of Art as you can along with the businesses that sound Art. It can take a life time to find promotion as passionate towards your craft as you are. The collector agreed and agreed to add my work to their collection this summer. In conversation that ends with an Original work of Art sold, is my kind of talk. (Blessing and thank you my friend.)

I dislike even spelling the word out... It has as much pungent of a Odor as the worst racial slur, personally encountered.

This entry will jump around a bit, yet stay true to my true train of thought and journey of this week.

Interested in seeing or hearing even more of the weeks leading up to this? check us out on several of our multi media pages. Mateo Blu is a Global Art company in every sense of the word.

Coming up on the 5th week of #MateoBlutravels and 4th week of Mediation practices. A friend put me down with, Elisabeth of ( helping continue Mental Rehab or should I say Mentality Rehabilitation. While a away from my favorite instructor of (Baltimore's Sunlight & Yoga). S/0 to "Changa Bell" lead instructor and overall great person. 

Learning to channeling Energy for mental healing and clarity, are one of my main focus for 2016.

Truly relearning Self. I will just flat out say it... For a lot of people it's easier to show & give love to others then to there self. I was one of those people, with hopes that those receiving would do the same. Which became to much of a gamble in my experience.

To all the empathic people of the World... there is a equation to remain who & what you are. It's found in balance. I can't tell you personally how to balance, that's "A Journey Through Life"... No pun intended.

I use Art as much as it uses me, a conduit of creativity. A body of work no matter the Medium takes a lot of time, energy and soul, in production of craft. The balance with in this is called Mental Freedom.

From extractingfrom within self, finding insight towards becoming one with the Art/Life.

Blessed to personally deliver a commission work to a (Dermatologist Office) 6,399 km or 3,977 miles plus from my studio this week. As an extra incentive... Your favorite Artist was treated to a honorable and very relaxing full body Message. Dr. Gewiß: congratulations on the renovations and solid Staff backing you. The Artwork will forever be a part of your growth and practices. Thank you ladies... for all of the positive feedback.

Some may know, I can get very attached to my Art, it made me extremely proud to see your smile and reaction, those moments in time remind me that I am living my purpose,while staying true to a mission started Eleven years ago. To "Promote positive change in humanity, through the Arts." I hope I quoted that correctly, it's been a while since I said it out loud. I've learned the work of the Mission statement is only a outline. Your work and dedication speaks for it's self.

Now back to the fact that I am stepping the positive vibrations up another notch. With my first trip to Switzerland & the Original Art Basel of Basel.

I am as much a lover of Art as I am a creator of her. I know it's going to be a Great trip.  (#ArtistMotivation) Let me remind you all... I am still growing. Original from and still live in Baltimore City. Raised in a culture where people don't travel from East to West Baltimore to often. For me to be blessed with opportunity to represent my art, family, City and continue to expand creative territory.

I have no idea what to expect outside of Greatness, I will not only witness a Curation of Art never seen before, network with people I haven't meet yet, vibe with styles of Art that I can connect with and respect.

I am a sucker for Visual Art that can convey a story. Odd enough, I felt like and was just about to say I am drifting off. But within that action, I realize I expose more of my self views, emotion and feelings in the Artwork created, so how could I think it's any where near a tough transition to expose more and more of self within this creation of the first series of Blogs. Yes I did go on a semi rant, I also haven't used a filter, these are my raw thoughts...

To keep the positive vibes going into this Art Basel week. A quote from a new friend and local Barber to Hamburg Germany's (Tripple M Barbershop, Creative Art of Hair Cut.)

I make people smile for a living...
— Fahad

I replied a true Artist....

I keep my head saved but haven't attempted any structure to my facial hair during (#MateoBlutravels). It's been a month and a couple weeks of travel, with a month of travel to go. A shape up was needed... (Grooming of facial hair)

I have been my own barber since going off to college. Making it 3 Barbers that have cut my hair in the three decades. I didn't realize until sitting in the chair, that I haven't allowed my self to experience this since my last Barber/ Brother went on to Rest in Power. (Rauf) I miss him and think of how unique of a spirt he was on this earth. Then started to think of how proud he would be of my personal growth and transition.

It felt weird enough to have openedthe gates to yet another seizure. As I relaxed my breathing, I asked the barber for a second. Gathered my thought's... Thinking only about how blessed of a day I am having. Through thought speaking into existence how amazing this trip to Art Basel and Switzerland will be.

Thank you to all of my loved ones, that pray for me and help keep my Life stay on a positive incline. God has blessed me with Good friends along this "Journey Though Life"... Exhibit coming to Hamburg, Germany next month!!!