Exhale Exhibit

I wanted to create a new, yet reflect the styles, I feel make me Mateo Blu Art unique. 

Visiting in Germany for 2 months and traveling to a couple other countries on this side of the world. Holland, Switzerland, Denmark etc. as much as God allows me to experience. I will let former NFL and NFLE Teammate comment on my Instagram Page. Direct the flow of this 4th entry.  (Christian Mohr)


I encourage you to check his page out. He consistently post creative ways to workout & train.

The reason I haven't talked about the showing until now is simply because it's not the total focus of the trip.  I've been blessed to receive help towards my journey to End Epilesey. For those that are reading my blog for the first time pls take a extra minute outta your day to catch up.

I've converted a garage into a studio to create majority of the work from this coming show. Thx "Maj" for the space and support.

This will be my first official Exhibit in Germany. "It's a complex thought, to think about all that has happened in life, to lead to the work created for this exhibit in itself....Never thought I would play football in this beautiful country. Nor did I think I would create, showcase, and develop more of my creative life's purpose, which has inspired the name of the Exhibit....

Some Artists experience as many layers of life as they can paint.
— Mateo Blu

Within creation of this series of blogs I have defined what Mental Warfare refers mainly to my personal Battle to not just learning how to live with Epilepsy but the cure/treatment exists. I will get deeper into drugs and chemicals used to continue health hell effecting the world from the youth to Elder (excuse my semi rant). I am also an advocate for Ending Epilepsy.

The exhibit starts July 6th and will be stay up for 2-3 months.

Hosted by Dres. Lehmann, Sophienstr. 7, 21465 Reinbek

For a personal tour outside of the vernissage please contact tel: 040 18 14 01 59 or praxis@lehmann-lehmann.de.

Special offers available on originals open night only

Not only have I been busy creating a whole new series for the exhibit... I'm also working on a painting for a Dermatologist and her office in Germany.  Below are a couple of notes I gathered from the staff, words that help capture more of the embodiment of there profession and treatments. 

Asked to use the same style and flow used to create "Open Minded ll" the only challenges with this commission would be the odd size and the request to make it as feminine as possible with the reference point of "Open Minded ll" and the companies color scheme.

I admit, I had my difficulties with the painting until coming closer to the last days/layers of creation. All thats needed now is my signature and a clear coat of protection glaze. I am 95% finished and looking forward to personally deliver the order early next week.

Dr. G Thank you, I know you and your clients will enjoy the work as much as I did creating it. 

Now my creative focus on the new series of work to be released on July 6, can be taken to another level.

(A limited amount of Giclee Prints will also be available via Mateo Blu official site) the night of the Opening. (Special Offers only includes work showcased in the exhibit.)

Links to global art video and radio interview:



Living with CNS problems is a tough task and stress can really affect us, it’s difficult for people without these issues to understand. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your new work.
— Rob, the Art Collector